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  • In keeping with our philosophy and promise of ‘We make IT easy’, we have created a framework of execution called the ‘People Centric Software Design’.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with Binomar

In keeping with our philosophy and promise of ‘We make IT easy’, we have created a framework of execution called the ‘People Centric Software Design’. Within this we work basis clear cut principles that put people in centre of all that we do. Good software enhances humans; it must solve human issues and improve human activities. To achieve this, we employ some simple principles, which are effective in getting to the crux of the problem, and solve it with the application of innovation, deep technical know-how and of course, all-round domain knowledge.

  • Quality time with the client helps create quality solutions
  • One solution does not fit all, customization is key
  • User understanding precedes user interface.
  • A well-defined problem is the beginning of the solution.
  • Deep understanding of the technologies being used is vital.

Products: CRM

‘Simply put, CRM is a system for recording and storing all information related to customer interactions.’

CRM systems provide a standardized method for collecting and sharing customer data and cataloguing customer interactions. Since all of the data is standardized, it’s easily shared throughout the business. CRM can be used by executives to create sales projections, by sales reps to maintain contact with clients, by shipping clerks to verify addresses, and by the billing department to create invoices. The goal of CRM is to provide a comprehensive store of customer data that can be used to increase sales, improve customer retention, and make customer relations more efficient.

Customised Facilities Management Software

Today, large companies, corporations and communities rely a lot on external help for cleaning, security, maintenance and general upkeep. Facility Management Services are now on the rise, especially given the steady growth rates of IT/BPO companies, the spike in gated communities and the overall demand for clean and safe working and living spaces. Like in all forms of human endeavour, FMS too has its share of software practices. Umpteen products and SAAS models jostle for adoption. Binomar as a software company owes itself to the initiative taken by 3 men who have taken the Facilities Management Software industry by storm. Having carved a niche for themselves by managing workforces of over 15000 people, across various top rated hospitals, malls, gated communities and industrial complexes, the trio realised the gaping need for a more professional to software in this domain. Thus born was Binomar, committed to designing IT Systems for People Centric businesses.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Binomar

When we say ‘We Make IT Easy’, we have a defined philosophy using which we solve our client’s problems at the most basic, human interaction level, one that we call ‘People Centric Software Design’. Herein, people are at the centre of everything that we create, the sole purpose being to make it easier for human beings to interact and benefit from the system.

Designing something that is easy for a human to use is always a challenge. A device or piece of software that’s easy to use is the result of the design team having remarkable clarity in their understanding of their audience and of putting in a tremendous amount of hours.

The Binomar Way

  • Understanding your business before we get into understanding the customer is the first step
  • Involving your frontline sales force is key
  • Work towards syncing everything to your CRM goal
  • Prioritize your customers
  • Keep communicating and engaging with employees right through the process.