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Managing People Is Managing Business

Binomar is a specialist software maker, focused on creating IT enabled solutions for large manpower based organisations, especially in areas like healthcare, Facility management and similar blue-collar intensive operations.

When you need to mobilise a large workforce, keep them well managed and create a sustainable business model, you need more than just a plain understanding of HR.

You need software That helps keep tabs on all aspects of the enterprise, fills in all the check boxes with respect to quality of recruitment, speed of enrollment and overall management of timelines.

You need a kind of software that binomar makes.
Built on the principles of distributed control, binomar is a custom software developer. Give us your specs and we built it for you. it's that simple.

The Team

Anvar Sadath Punnappala
    (Managing Director)


Nithesh S Nair
(Executive Director)

Solutions: Customised facilities Management Software

'Facilities Management Software (FMS) is used to manage facilities as a whole as well as the space within those facilities.'

Facility Management Services are now on the rise, especially given the steady growth rates of IT/BPO companies, the spike in gated communities and the overall demand for clean and safe working and living spaces. Like in all forms of human endeavour, FMS too has its share of software practices. Umpteen products and SAAS models jostle for adoption. Binomar as a software company owes itself to the initiative taken by 3 men who have taken the Facilities Management Software industry by storm. Having carved a niche for themselves by managing workforces of over 15000 people, across various top rated hospitals, malls, gated communities and industrial complexes, the trio realised the gaping need for a more professional to software in this domain. Thus born was Binomar, committed to designing IT Systems for People Centric businesses.

Solutions: ERP

'ERp focuses on reducing overhead and cutting costs. By making business processes more efficient, ERP reduces the amount of capital spent on those processes.'

ERP is an invaluable tool for streamlining complex business processes. Many small businesses start in a single room or small office. All of the ‘departments’ may be within earshot of each other. At that point, software that can provide a real-time snapshot of every department may be an overkill. As the business grows, the need for, and benefits of, ERP become clearer. If, at any time, a manager or executive doesn’t know what’s going on in the departments they are responsible for, the time for ERP has long since arrived.

Solutions: CRM

'Simply put, CRM is a system for recording and storing all information related to customer interactions.'

CRM systems provide a standardized method for collecting and sharing customer data and cataloguing customer interactions. Since all of the data is standardized, it’s easily shared throughout the business. CRM can be used by executives to create sales projections, by sales reps to maintain contact with clients, by shipping clerks to verify addresses, and by the billing department to create invoices. The goal of CRM is to provide a comprehensive store of customer data that can be used to increase sales, improve customer retention, and make customer relations more efficient.

Community Management Software

Gated communities, apartments, members of a club...et al are ecosystems that need to be managed. Subscriptions, repairs, bill payments, complaints and suggestions are part of community life. Managing them is a science, now sharpened by software, often with web enabled Apps.

Customised Facilities Management Software

Today, large companies, corporations and communities rely a lot on external help for cleaning, security, maintenance and general upkeep. Facility Management Services are now on the rise, especially given the steady growth rates read more..

Apps & Websites

Every business needs to have an online presence today. If you need to reach the hands of the end consumer, you definitely need an App too. When we take on engagements in our core competencies (like ERP, CRM based projects) we also advise our clients on creating best-in-class websites and Apps read more..

Case Studies

ERP Implementation for Transportation

When a fast growing transport business wanted to reduce mistakes in handling, deliveries and maintenance, without increasing manpower, they turned to Binomar.

CRM, Website and App Development

Managing customers and using them to get more referrals was a CRM challenge here. Being visible on aggregator sites and taking checked-in customer requests directly through the App were other tasks

ERP based People Management System and Facility Management

A leading healthcare brand in Kerala was finding it difficult to cope with attendance, quality of work etc., and wanted a solution that would put all activities on the fingertips of senior management.


'ERp focuses on reducing overhead and cutting costs. By making business processes more efficient, ERP reduces the amount of capital spent on those processes.'